Can only log in from certain pcs

I have a website that was coded in php. I occasionally have had a problem where after I log in and click on a menu item I am brought back to the login screen. The problem seems to clear up if I clear cache or reboot my pc.

I recently sold the site and the new owner is experiencing this problem every time he logs in and from ie, firefox, safari, chrome. I also had a friend of mine try to log in and he too experienced this problem, which is when he enters the username and password he is brought right back to the login form. When I log in on my pc it works fine on ie, firefox, chrome.

Any ideas on why a script would work on my pc and not on others?

Thanks in advance

Could you post us the site code.

The best information I can give you without seeing any code is that this is a logical error, and probably has something to do with the script setting the “logged in” value.

My best guess: take a look at the areas where you’re using any directory paths or URLs in your scripts.

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