can not get $myString to work or the __call function is not working

class CleverString {
private $_theString="";
private Static $_allowedFunctions=array(“strlen”, “strtoupper”, “strpos”);
public function setString($stringVal) {
$this-> _theString = $stringVal;
public function getString() {
return $this-> _theString;
public function __call($methodName, $argments) {
if (in_array($methodName, CleverString::$_allowedFunctions)) {
array_unshift($arguments, $this-> _theString);
return call_user_func_array($methodName, $arguments);
} else {

Method ‘CleverString::$methodName’ doesn’t exist

$myString = new CleverString;
$myString-> setString(“Hello!”);

The string is: “.$myString-> getString().”


The length of the string is: “.$myString-> strlen().”

echo “

The string in uppercase letters is: “.$myString-> strtoupper().”


The letter e occurs at position: “.$myString-> strpos(“e”).”


This is a class project that was suppose to just type in and walla it works. I have fixed a few mistakes but I can not figure out why I do not get a the variable $myString->strlen() or any of the other string functions to work.

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