Can Not Assign Or Retrieve Post Value, Even Though I Can Print Array

I’m a week or so into PHP, and I’m having this issue:

I’m sending a POST from a Select operator in a form to my “process” page. I can print the array that’s being sent and see that my POST value is set (having issue with ‘category position’, the others assign and echo with no problem.


<?php print_r($_POST); $category_pos = $_POST["category_postion"]; $nav_title=$_POST["nav_create_title"]; $nav_visible=$_POST["nav_visible"]; echo $nav_title; echo $category_pos; echo $nav_visible; ?>


My Return is:
Array ( [nav_create_title] => hel [nav_visible] => 1 [category_position] => 4 )
( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: category_postion in C:\wamp\www\tryitandbuyit\includes\category_create_process.php on line 7
Call Stack

Time Memory Function Location

1 0.0010 370336 {main}( ) …\category_create_process.php:0

Anybody know why a select operator would be able to create a value in post, and then me not to be able to retrieve it?

you have a typo here

[php]$category_pos = $_POST[“category_postion”];[/php]

notice the ‘i’ is missing from the word ‘position’

Hope that clears it up for you


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