Can I have a secure section?


Is it possible to have a secure section in Pluck? I’d like to have a “members only” section of my site.

I just started with Pluck. I am however totally unfamiliar with PhP [or any other kind of programing for that matter] as well as demonstrably incapable of learning. Thus, nothing I’m reading makes the slightest bit of sense to me.


Pluck is basically just a PHP program that is a content manager. So, it is basically similar to CMS or even
WordPress. In other words it is just a program. So, your answer is yes! Anything can be done in a
program if you learn enough and take enough time to solve it. Now, with that said usually they take a
bit of knowledge and as you say you are not not familiar with PHP. So you came to the right spot!

I have no experience with Pluck, but it is similar to WP, so we first need to know more about your site and
what it currently looks like and what you want to change.

Well, I guess I should first ask if you check in the Pluck blog for help? You can go there and ask your for
help and you might get someone who know the code issues already. I looked into that first and found that
they no longer have support for it on their site. The source and support are now on GitHub. Here is the
link for documentation:
And, for support, you can open an “ISSUE” use the green button at this link. (Might be faster there then
on this site.)

If you can not find help at those links, let us know and show us some of your code where you are trying
to alter it… Good luck!


There is no membership, or multi user function built in to Pluck CMS.

It could be added via plugin, but that would need to be developed first by someone.


If you would, could you describe what you would like to do with the secure section? There is a multi-user module that I haven’t used, but could probably adapted. (