Call to undefined method variant::SaveAs()

I am trying to write to a Word document using this code:-

<?php // starting word $word = new COM("word.application") or die("Unable to instantiate Word"); echo "Loaded Word, version {$word->Version}\n"; //bring it to front $word->Visible = 1; //open an empty document $word->Documents->Add(); //do some weird stuff $word->Selection->TypeText("This is a test..."); $word->ActiveDocument->SaveAs("c:\Useless test.doc"); //closing word $word->Quit(); //free the object $word = null; ?>

When running this code i get this error 'Call to undefined method variant::SaveAs() ’

I have tried altering the permissons for the COM setting but it has not work.
I am using PHP locally and I am logging in as a differnet user than the one I installed Word on.

I am using xampp with Windows Vista.

Please help.


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