Calculation not working

Please I need help to with this script. I have tried but failed to make it work

I’m designing a website that takes care of employees time. Every month, each worker has a bonus of 1500dollars, but at the end of the month, the bonus will be giving to the worker based on their time they arrive at work each day.

For example, if a worker arrive at work by 8a.m, he/she earns 50 dollar, if the worker arrives by 9a.m, he/she earns 30dollars, if the worker at 9:30a.m, he/she looses 20dollars. Finally if the worker’s bonus is below 500dollars, she will get the message “You Need To See The Boss”.

Furthermore, I want the worker to see the following when he/she visited his/her history

Number of times arrived at 8a.m = “”
Number of times arrived at 9a.m =""
Number of times late(9:30a.m) =""
Remaining/Total bonus = “”

what problems are you having with the script?

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