Button Click Counter

Hi anyone who can help. I’m new at using PHP. This is the very first thing I’m trying to do with PHP:

creating a button that behaves like a facebook “like”, counting and displaying how many times the button has been clicked by all visitors. It doesn’t matter if the visitor is unique or not. It’s just literally how many times the button has been clicked in the button’s complete history of existence.

Thank you!

We are not the local delivery store…

What do you have so far?

Thank you. I’ve been able to get it to display the contents of “prayerCount.txt” so now I’m figuring out how to add 1 to it with each button click…

$prayerCount = file_get_contents(“prayerCounter.txt”);
$prayerCount = file_put_contents($prayerCount +1);
echo $prayerCount . ’ prayers.’;

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