broken up function

Is it legal to start a function then jump out of PHP, to jump back in and finish the function? I don’t think so but can’t remember it clearly.

Like to jump out and do what?

I believe you can call a function from a function. Certainly if you define a another function from within the function (nested functions) you can, but it can create other issues.


function something ()
   echo 'Here we do something';
<p>Here we are outside PHP in the HTML fields</p>
   echo 'Here we are back inside PHP';
<p>HTML text before</p>
<?php something(); ?>
<p>HTML text after</p>

I guess I am just being really lazy - cause I can take that code and just run it and see what happens… ran it in PHP 5 and apache 2 - and it works.

I was going to suggest that. Nonetheless, it should work anyway. Anything out side the PHP tags would just still be treated like part of the function.

My example works - but found out how it can’t be done also. It happens when you are working with classes… here is the link. Basically you can do it inside a function definition - but not inside a class definition.

Knew I saw it someplace.

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