bringing dynamic website into wordpress help


I have searched google before asking here but cant find a proper answer. Due to a customer asking for small amends all the time i was wondering is there any way i can bring a dynamic website into wordpress? I will need a login system using the same login table from my other site. I will also need a user admin area where they can post events and edit/delete these events once posted. Is this possible to do? Do i need to learn anything additional?

If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be brillant.



Yes it is possible. Are you wanting to keep the other website running and allow the changes made through Wordpress affect the other site? Is the other site database driven as opposed to hard coded? Do you just want to read the content from the other site in and republish it on the WP site with admin approval?

Chances are you’ll need to understand a few different things: plugin development (to develop your admin area), short code, CData, CURL (and possibly other coding), and in developing your plugin to make sure you know how to interact with the Wordpress database to store your users and other information.

This is just one way to approach it … there are others.

Hi, thanks for the reply, ive built something into the aite now.

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