Bootstrap 4 PHP CRUD Admin Dashboard Generator

Hi all,

This is my 1st post here, Here’s my project: a PHP CRUD Generator web application that generates Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard with CRUD operations.

I already have some (happy) customers & I’m still working regularly on this project.

I’d like to have feedback on both the PHP CRUD app. itself and the website content.

My main goal is to help the visitors to understand the most easily as possible what is PHP CRUD Generator and how it works.

Thanks for your feedbacks

So you want feedback on an image because that’s all you have provided.

@benanamen There is also a link above the image

Uh, yeah, it is a link to an image.

@benanamen your right but it was a working link before. Had to find it back in my history

OP, I for one would be more interested in reviewing the code it generates.

Sorry for the wrong link, I don’t know exactly what happened but I changed it, now it goes to the website like it should.

@benanamen: Sometimes one forgets the essential without even realizing it

I just updated the documentation to add some sample codes: PHP CRUD Generator - Admin Dashboard sample codes

These codes are generated natively from the PHP CRUD Generator UI, without any custom change.

Thanks for your excellent suggestion.

You obviously have put a lot of work into this project and know what your doing on an advanced level so pat yourself on the back. (I pretty much never say that about anything on this forum)

Ataboy’s aside, the critique…

PHPCG is suitable for both non-programmers and advanced PHP programmers

On quick review, it’s complicated. The documentation and the code generator interface. Your customers are most likely to be non-programmers or noob level. It is well suited for an advanced programmer but even still, there is a lot to soak in. Also, an advanced programmer is likely to have written their own crud generator. Framework users (Laravel, Symfony, etc) would have no need for this.

The outputted Admin Panel looks good with several features beyond a standard panel. Good job!

Here is a great example of a CRUD generator that is so simple it doesnt need documentation. This is what I would recommend to noobs and non-coders.

PHP 5.5+ with mb_string extension enabled

Php 5.x anything has already reached end of life. I would suggest forking your project and creating a version that REQUIRES 7.3.x or greater.

The Code:
You only gave one class example so I will have to go with that. On the plus side, the code is clean and well formatted. The critique, you are creating god classes, meaning, the class does too much. To describe what the class does you would have to say “It does A and B and C, and D, and E…”. I would suggest implementing the SOLID Principles.

If you really want an in-depth analysis/review PM me a download link to the application.

ADMIN FYI: OP, We generally don’t allow links to products for sale on this forum, especially for a first post, but I feel you are genuinely interested in feedback and are not spamming the board so I left your post as is.

Thanks for your detailed answer, I appreciate it, and yes, I’m really looking for feedback, not spamming.

Yes, this application took a lot of time, and took shape little by little: first I developed simple code generators to make my work easier for my own customers.

I do hear your comments, of course they often make me want to argue and plead my case, so let’s go!

In fact the application is much simpler than it seems, and I wonder if I should redesign the generator to try to make its structure appear better:

  1. choose the table to work on
  2. customize the displayed field names
  3. add filters
  4. choose options for each field
  5. validate to generate the READ list

Maybe some kind of acordion would fit. The goal would be that at 1st sight the users could say “hey, this looks simple!”, which is not fully the case for now.

This said, is certainly a good (and free) choice for very simple projects, but if the users want a feature that is not included it’ll become complicated.

PHP CRUD Generator includes a lot of almost essential built-in features that you can’t find in other CRUD applications:

  • Automatic detection of the field types & their validation requirements
  • Ability to visualize non-essential fields in a slide (the arrow on the left of each READ list row)
  • Nested tables with relational data
  • Filter list from the main table field as well as relational tables fields
  • Integrated JS/jQuery plugins for the forms (tinyMce, various pickers, enhanced select dropdowns, file/image uploader, thumbnail generation, …)

About PHP 7.3.x: I have to keep backward compatibility, some users & future buyers may not have a recent PHP version

About the SOLID Principles: yes, it’s a good plinciple, but I have 2 arguments to justify my choices:

  1. When you customize the code then regenerate your files, the comparison tool allows to merge your previous customized version with the newly generated one. Less files make this system more comprehensive.
  2. Less files make the structure more comprehensive too for users
  3. The class doesn’t indeed make so much different things: it retrieves the values from the main table & the relational ones. The pagination depends on the same query, the filters too. Then I use the ElementUtilities for the export buttons.
  4. This structure allows to export a single object to build the TWIG template view.

Thanks for all & your encouragements, very useful for me. I think the most urgent would be to redisign the Generator.

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