Blocking and unblocking


Hi all i am in need of a blocking and unblocking kind of thing function In MySQL

For example :

A user is blacklist for doing something wrong in my web… I am able to log into my webhosting and block his username maunally for the time being and unblock him after sometime later

The default for the blocking and unblocking should be set to block

Im using PHPMYADMIN webhost my MYSQL

Thanks in advance


Well based on what you have said, those IP’s or Hosts that you want to block, you put into a database. Then if they are in the db (based upon a select query) you deny them access to the file or folders (or site).


hi thanks for reply

i dont want to block the ip … just the the row of the user



What would you like to block him from? Logging in? The whole website? Certain sections? Images? Keep in mind that after logging out, the person will be a random visitor which can access any public content on your website.