Bitnami laravel


I installed Binami with laravel framework in my pc, but I don’t how to run laravel, I mean that I searched in browser how to run it and I didn’t find what I am looking for. .can anyone tell me how to run the laravel. .and I want to see laravel page which means should be LARAVEL 5 OR 6 VERSION something like that
Thank you all !


Did you read the docs? You have to set up a server to view it. Or, install it onto a server to view it.
Here is the link to the docs. Laravel Docs

Binami is an installer system which hopes to package up combinations of systems. Which one did you use?

So, to use it, you need a server or Wamp or Mamp or other server emulator, PHP installed and set up, MySQL installed and ready to go, Laravel installed on top of all that. Then, you can bring it up and select NEW to start a new Laravel layout.

Hope that helps a little…


Yes I read doc
I download bitnami wamp server that’s why the laravel is coming there …by default phpnyadmin is selected and there were some frameworks and I choose Laravel because I must use it …and after the installation I don’t know how to start and I don’t know how to see laravel php file or how to see the default index.php of laravel


Well, here is a link that talks about this problem. It might be that you did not include the conf file correctly.
Hope it helps… laravel setup and testing