Big problem need help in a hurry

Our company uses interspire shopping cart for our eStore. Our website crashed over the weekend for some reason and after restarting apache our estore is not working. The “Add to Cart” link send you to an error page.

Interspire discontinued the interspire shopping cart software 2 months ago and will no longer support us. I tried calling, tried offering to pay to renew our service contract, tried their knowledge base, tried asking them simply to point us in the right direction all met with “We no longer support that product, buy our new Big Commerce software”

While we will end up upgrading our shopping cart software we are not ready to make the move in such a rush and are losing thousands of dollars every day. They recommended we hire a php programmer that does not work for them. Is there anyone here with experience with interspire, or knows enough about php shopping carts to help us troubleshoot this?

Found someone to take care of it.


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