Best way to hide video urls?

Hello ppl, well I’ve done some tutorial videos for my web, and I want users to be logged to see the videos.
I’ve noticed if you copy the urls, you can share it and view the video even when not logged or don’t have an account, but I want them to be logged. I don’t care if they download all the videos and share it using wssp or any other method, but if they are watching it from the website I want ppl to at least enter the site.
I’ve uploaded the videos in the same place I have the web and I’m using html5 tags


I’ve searched this, but I couldn’t find much. What should I be searching and reading to do a task like this?

I’ve already restricted folders path view using .htaccess, and it works great for folders.

You can use the .hide() method in jQuery to hide HTML video tags.



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