Best practice for Spam prevention

I don’t have any spam prevention in my current form - of course I was inundated with spam not long after going live.

What do you think is the best prevention system - Googles new ‘nocaptcha’ recaptcha? Or using a honeypot(I think thats what its called…)

The best would be something that don’t bother the user. With a proper spam filter you will have most of the spam taken care of, add a couple of honey pot tricks, minimum time limit, or some other measures and you’re good to go. If you’re lazy or need something on top of that again, go with the new “nocaptcha” thing.

Your making me think. What to do about it, you have to say on the topic.

I’ve implemented 2 honey pots using input fields. 1 hidden and 1 positioned absolute left:-9999 - with proper error reports for accessibility issues. Next I’m going to a time limiter.

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