Best "navigatable" IDE you know of

I’m looking for guidance on this, you guys. I despise MS’s .NET platform and VS, however I do use VS Code quite a bit. really what I’m looking for is an IDE that will allow me to test bits and pieces of a web app without uploading the files to a web server and pretending to be a user and going through the motions in a browser. how does everyone here go about this? I realize that a task like this is one of the purposes of an IDE anyway, but here’s some examples of what I want to test:

=> how a page looks with 3 fix-placed iFrames on it.
=> if a POST operation works properly on a contact page.
=> how a page looks with linked CSS and jQuery files in it.

and many other things too. I know about quite a few testing sites like, but none that I have found are consistent. actually, last time I tried the fiddle, js written perfectly errored out on me and didn’t display any output. Most menus and options in all of the IDEs I have ever used seem to be irrelevant. if I take, for instance, eclipse as an example, I’ve been in all the menus and 80% of the stuff in there I don’t think I would ever use. I work for small and medium sized businesses, not in corporate america. So does anyone have any advice on this? I’m also well aware that development in this day in age is becoming nothing more than a button clicking and drag-and-drop game. I believe the corporate buzz for that is called ‘‘devOps’’. thanks all.


You can test POST operations using a HTTP request utility such as Postman, or just use cURL if you like command line utilities.

Regarding checking how a page looks, there’s really no replacement for a web browser. “Mocking” the bare minimum to get the component under development up on screen is a valuable developer skill.

what about testing for phones? mobiles? if I’m developing on a machine, obviously i can view files in a browser without them being on a web server, but can I simulate the same thing for phones?

Most web browsers now have built in dev tools that can emulate different sized screens for checking the visual side of things, and can “throttle” browser performance so you can see how your client side code performs. A web search for “mobile emulation” and the name of your browser of choice will show you how to do it.

good deal. thanks. if I have issues, i’ll be back here.

Do you use XXAMP, MAMP or other localhost servers? Thats all you need

no i dont. but i know i should. i know that WAMP is now popular for win.

Dont use the web for development. Use a localhost server. I use WAMP myself and have for many years. Their forum will tell you how to set it up

are you just clarifying what I asked about in my OP? that what i’m currently doing is wrong?

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