Beginner, stuck on getting started with jQ dialogs


Hello, folks, I just got introduced to j Query dialog/modal dialog windows. But my attempt to create my first pop up modal dialog window met with failure. Not only did the little window not open, but the code seemed to disable all my subsequent jQ functions, so that nothing else on the site based on JavaScript, worked. And I got this error message upon debugging:

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘dialog’

After a little Google search on the error message, I go the impression that there is a whole different set of libraries, not included in the main j Query library which must be included in my head section of my site, if I intend to use the dialog UI. If that’s the case, can anyone point to me a good source where I can get these files? And if not, what am I not getting right here? I’ll post the code below, the jQ and the html. Its just a simple dialog window which I want opened when the page containing the div with id “pic_upload” is loaded, with your typical transparent black mask in the background. Thanks


		<script type='text/javascript'> //Picture upload modal

			$(document).ready(function() {


    					modal: true,

    					width: 660,

   					height: 495,

   					dialogClass: "mt",

    					autoOpen: false,

    					overlay: { opacity: 0.8, background: "black" }






	<div id = "pic_dialog">