beginner question about mail()

how do I get text from different variables into the $message?
Here’s what I’ve got:

$contactName = $_REQUEST[‘contactName’];
$contactEmail = $_REQUEST[‘contactEmail’];
$publicationTitle = $_REQUEST[‘publicationTitle’];
$frequency = $_REQUEST[‘frequency’];
$message = ???
mail( "[email protected]", “Feedback Form Results”,
$message, “From: [email protected]” );

Thanks very much for any help. I’ve been searching the web for an example but haven’t been successful.

nothing special, just put the variables in there that you want
[php]$message = “Hello $contactName,\n
Thank you for requesting a copy of $publicationTitle for $frequency weeks”;

mail($contactEmail, “Feedback Form Results”, $message, “From: [email protected]”);[/php]

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