Beginner php programming problem

I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m trying to update some code for a client quickly. A PHP programmer who is out of business set up this code and I’m not experienced enough to understand what’s not working. Her is the code:
It’s meant to display RECONNECT PACKAGE and then the text from the database field. Instead it displays RECONNECT PACKAGE and {rsResortList.LearnToSkiText01}.

<?php if ($row_rsResortList['LearnToSkiProgram01'] == 0) { echo ""; } elseif ($row_rsResortList['LearnToSkiProgram01'] == 1) { echo "RECONNECT PACKAGE{rsResortList.LearnToSkiText01}"; } ?>[/php]

I’m certain it’s how the combination of text and code is mixed in the last echo, just not sure how to fix it. Any direction would be so appreciated!

Change this line:
[php]echo “RECONNECT PACKAGE{rsResortList.LearnToSkiText01}”;[/php]
to this:
[php]echo “RECONNECT PACKAGE{$row_rsResortList[‘LearnToSkiProgram01’]}”;[/php]

Hope that helps,
Red :wink:

Edit: There is a closing tag missing from your code:
Meaning all text that follows this will also be in bold

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