Beginner learning tables and where tables output to!

Hello, all.

I’m currently very new at PHP, and I am basically learning from trial by error. However, I’ve come this far, and I hope to learn more.

I currently have a Human Resource Management system hosted, where I have organization members listed on the site. However, I also have two already-implemented forms on the website. They work perfectly as intended.

Thing is, I wanted to create a third form which submits to a table internally (for logged in members) once you submit it. Just like the other two forms do on my site.

I have the form and form responses page fully set up and accessible. But where I am stuck, is making it so the responses from the form render in the responses page.

I made the form mainly by copy and pasting and editing the other forms’ php files. So I am not sure what type of code I need to change, either on the form itself’s PHP, or the response page’s PHP.

Having some trouble getting the code to show up correctly here due to the forum’s coding. Sorry!

That’s a big ask for a single question / answer thread. Your best place to start would be to find a simple PHP tutorial that shows interaction with a database - do a google search for php todo list tutorial and browse through until you find one you can follow. Try to find one that mentions PDO; that’s generally considered the best practice for working with a database in PHP. Once you get stuck into it, you can come back and ask more specific questions.

Thank you so much! I’ve actually worked at it straight since Ive poeted this, and I finally figured it out! Thanks again!

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