banner/css changing

I found a code on a site that allows me to let users to change the css template on my site for one of the others that I have set in the javascript code. But the thing is, I use a custom made .swf banner at the top. Is there a code that I can use that will make the banner change with the css. Is this possible to do in php. Changing the css and banner at the same time. Or if anyone knows how I can do this/where to look to get more help on it. Thanks

Is this a permanent thing that happens. What I mean is, does the user come to the site, change the style/theme and then can close all browsers, reopen a browser and then the changes are still there?

If so how is this information stored?

Yes, something like this should be able to be done with either php, or javascript.

no not a permanent thing, I want it to be done with cookies. when you change it, it will stay changed until you delete the cookie or if there is a way to do it where it stays changed permanently that would be great to I don’t know much about java/php/mySQL so if it has to do with any of that a guide or help would be greatly appreciated :D

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