Banned Emails.


Ok, it’s come to this… I have now had to block new users using emails from because of the large amount of spammers using the free email accounts.

Several *.info addresses have also been banned for similar reasons. I suspect and even are not far behind.

If you are a legitimate user and these are your ONLY valid email addresses, then you would need to contact me by sending an email to me at admin at this domain with a subject of NEW USER REQUEST Please note that the subject should also be in UPPERCASE lest it be lost as spam. I can then add users manually.

I am truly sorry that it has come to this but with several dozen spammers registering every day… I am forced to these measures to reduce unwanted traffic.

Special Note to the Spammers!
If a spammer should by chance actually read any messages on the forums, if you are caught spamming, your account(s) will be deleted and your IP blocked. Not the IP that shows up in the posts (that you tend to alter using the POST method), but the one that shows up in the logs. (Yes I painfully trudge through my logs to get this information.)

For this I am not sorry for any inconvenience this causes you.


Since much of this has not stopped the spammers and the numbers continue to rise I have instituted the following:

Anyone who DOESN’T have a post count of at least 1 within 1 day of registering WILL BE REMOVED!!!

Post counts should be greater than 2 within several months. (Perhaps one in the “GREETINGS” and one as an actual post).

If not… your posts will be deleted and your account removed. If you plan on just “Lurking Around” that’s fine… Don’t Register unless you have something (Pertinent) to post to the forums.

Additionally, I have altered the forum pages to make it harder for the Spammers to just “POST” their data using an “Auto” register program. Unfortunately, there may be side effects to this that were not anticipated. If you encounter a problem… please email me at admin at this domain. Your subject should include the following somewhere in it: phphelp forums

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.