Hello everyone,
I was just wondering what would people feel about having awards?

I mean, for supporting people… Ie people going out of there way to support others etc.

Atm there would be no phisical award which would be given, but more like an avatar status… such as “Poster of the month”, or “Highest poster” even “Poster of the year”…

Tell me your thoughts.

A type of reward system would “hurt” the community we have here, put us in direct compertition, smart comments like im better than you etc… its perfect as it is everyone helps everyone if they can. incase this helps, i help others because others have helped me in times of need.

The problem with those competitions is that some people would answer questions without actually knowing the answer just to get more posts. I personnally propose to get the post count not to be displayed at all, it’s totally useless.

What this site really needs is a well designed FAQ integrated to the board, that way it would be possible to simply foward people to a complete answer to their problem instead of simply typing it over and over again, with quality going down each time.

We also need to get rid of those posters not using capital letters at the begining of their messages. I just ignore them but it still annoys me.

Now that was off topic.

Maybe what you could do is wirte some short brife tutorials and for example


Then it would list how the session worked provide a link to the search engine for all the topics on session not to mention link and a few well know tutorials of the site. if you worrie about post length maybe limit it to brief detail and can expand to a more advance details.

Most including myself find hard to understand, it may get to the point but gose at an advanced way to it

Ok, It seems that my idea wasn’t quite as well thought through than I expected… Thanks to all who inputted… Topic Locked

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