Automating Web Input?????

Given an input dialog webpage, how would I automate input?

Say I’ve got a page with several checkboxes and input dialogs and I have the
source. I need to use this thing to input data many times from a set of
known data. How would I do this?

Could I take the source and run a shellscript to extract the input
statements, somehow convert them all into a whole bunch of assignment
statements and the somehow execute it?

Could I somehow access the global variable over and over again, setting a
value and “submitting” the data in a loop?

Or would I have to actually take the thing apart and find out what SQL
tables are used and put an SQL script together?

Or am I banging my head against the wall without having direct access to the
SQL, security, passwords, etc.?

I don’t have any problem with it being a brute force or clumsy approach,
since it’ll just help me learn more, but at the moment, I’m completely at a loss.


You could send post data using cURL. You just have to dissect the form to figure out how to send the variables to the script.

Thanks much – I’ve gotta’ look into this!

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