automatic installer for php

Hello brothers can anybosy send me download link for Automatic installer for php… i am unable to find from and search engins…
plzz help me i want to run php scripts on my computer offline…

Why type of system are you running?

Windows, Linux, Mac??

If windows I can offer the following names to search for…

XAMP, WAMP, Apache2Triad - This all have Apache/MySQL/PHP.

All install and setup on their own. Some offer somethings others don’t but, you will just have to do some research into which will suit your needs.

brother i want to chat with u can u plzz give me some time???

What exactly are you looking to do? Install/run a forum or website (what kind of website), or are you looking for it for devving purposes? Do you need the features provided by the packages (mysql, phpmyadmin, etc.)?

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