Automatic file renaming??

Hello there folks. :slight_smile:

Im posting here in the hope someone can help me.

Here is the problem…

A friend of mine wrote me a small app that lets people ftp a file to me.
(We are experimenting at the moment you see)

However, because of limitations the file thats sent is always called by one name.
That cannot be changed by the app.

So for example, if 20 people used this little app, they would all send a file called Niknaks.doc

Now there in is the problem. Obviously the file would be overwritten each time so instead of having 20 files, I would get just 1 ! ::slight_smile:

So I was thinking… Is there ANYTHING at all…IE: Java App or Script or a piece of blue cheese, that can be running on my server and as soon as it detects the Niknaks.doc file, it automatically changes its name, by, for example, adding a number to it.???

If anyone knows of a way to do this, or app or whatever, I would really appreciate any help.

Thanks for your time.


Hi again… erm… so I take it from the lack of reply that this is not something that anyone on here knows about? :slight_smile:

If thats the case could anyone give me a clue as to which groups/forums etc would be better suited to answer this question.



Hi mate,
i only just saw this post, if your still looking for an answer, try here: :wink:

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