Automate and Format Subject List


Hello Im new to php , but I have a php program that requires input of a subject list

example: (“gold” “platinum” “silver”)

my list is 2000 subjects long and I would like to automate the input and formating of all the subjects in the list.

I appreciate any help. Thank you


And your question is???

And Please don’t ask “How do I do it?” without giving us information on what you have tried thus far.

It’s phphelp, not phpDO!


Just looking for place to start. I don’t think my post was asking for you to do it for me. I was just giving my situation. I appreciate help but I don’t need anything from flamers. I can pay someone to code this for me but Im trying to learn.

Thanks for the crappy comment, I will find my answers elsewhere.


I am sorry if you felt my comment was “Crappy”, however too many people come in here and want us to write their code and that is not the goal of this site. This site is designed to HELP others.

Since you gave no real question to HELP with, that is what prompted the comment. You gave no real information about your subject list (as to what format it’s in) or information about how you intend to attempt to input it in and to what you are inputting it in to.

If you are looking for a suggestion of how to proceed based on the limited information then I will do the best that I can and I will try to not make it a “Crappy” comment:

My solution would be to use an html page with a form to allow you to browse to the input file. When you submit it you could open the form and read each line and parse the data as appropriate into whatever storage unit you desire (an array, database or output to another text file).

If the file is not on the webserver, you might have to use the file upload feature by making use of the ENCTYPE=“MULTIPART/FORM-DATA” in the form.

Hope this helps. Given the limited (dare I say crappy) information given, it’s about the best that one can do.

If you want a more detailed answer, than please provide a bit more detail of what you have, what you wish to do and what you have attempted. A bit of code helps as well.

As for me being a “Flammer” I was not attempting to FLAME you rather I was trying to direct you to a question that we could help with.

Sorry if you feel offended.