Auto Delete from mysql table

I am in a great trouble on my database. I have 10 tables in my database. One is parent table (using primary key) and other nine tables are child (using foreign key) table. Now, I want to say that my parent table data is not be deleted if I do not delete data from the database, but child table data got auto deleted after input the data in my database prior around 7 days, if I do not delete data manually from database.

So, how it is being possible? I do not understand what is the reason for auto deleting from that php file, I do not make any wrong on it. I have a admin panel, but no body enter my admin panel without me. I do not use any auto delete function. Now what should I do? Please let me provide some solutions and suggestions. How can I protect my database?


It’s really hard to give you an answer, maybe you have a delete trigger in your database or a cron job that does clean up… Or maybe a piece of code someplace on your server that is deleting data.

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