i want to see a sample code for AUTHENTICATION USERS.
How Compare Input Data (Example : Name from txt1) with Data that insert in Database?if Name EXISTENCE in Database So Show me A message…
1 - I use from Enginsite for php
2 - my OS IS XP
3 - Connection to Database is ODBC
4 - My Database is MS-ACCESS

Best would be to fetch the input username and password in the PHP script, check it for any non-allowed characters, and compare it in a query.
Why use Access when there are free SQL database engines available that are tons better?

tnk for you guid
i use from Access because my Database of project is access
if you guid me with source cod (Compare Input data with Data that insert in DB) is very well for me!

tank u
you guid me but i want to know how input data with Filed name is mached?
this is important for me

example : <input type=’‘text" name=“txt1”>
<input type=’'text" name=“txt2”>

if ($_GET[‘txt1’]==(Fieldname Value in DB)) {
show me a message

see example! i want to know, how doing this operation (if ($_GET[‘txt1’]==(Fieldname Value in DB)) )?

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