Audio Music Database

I am having a hard time passing the audiolocation to the audio player and making the player hidden so that when I click listen it displays the hidden player. Also if I click the next track to listen it should (Not hide the player) but just load up that track and play.

The site i’m basing my template off of is

Any help would be great, I have been stuck on this project for the past 14 days with no help.

My Code: (Currently theres an error on line 77) [php]echo “


I dont know why my code keeps coming out on one line but heres a link to pastebin with my code

You code is hard to read… Is there a reason you put all html and php code in a single line?

I posted the code on a pastebin because it kept coming out on one line

The line #77 in your code is not correct, here is how it should look:

echo “

<a href=”".(’?cue=’.$line[‘cue_code’])."" onclick=‘toggleDisplay();’>";
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