Assign variable value to field

OK -

I am really new to PHP and working on modifying it a little bit. I have added a date field to the table and need to load the current date/time to it. I have a set of lines of code that assign values to the same table. If I new how to read the current lines of code, I may be able to write the one that I need. The existing examples of code in this section are:

                    $ob_email->sender_from_name = $ob_utility->sqlQuote($login_user_name, $ob_email->db);
                    $ob_email->file_name_list = $ob_utility->sqlQuote($file_name_list, $ob_email->db);
                    $ob_email->file_size_list = $ob_utility->sqlQuote($file_size_list, $ob_email->db);

The new field name in the table is $created_on and I need to just assign it the current date and time - the format is YYYY-MM-DD if it matters.

Thanks for any help in getting this done. And if the replies could give me the sentence in words that explain what the code above means too, it would help me in the future to do this on my own.

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