ASP to php feed help


I’m hoping to get a little bit of help with regards to an ASP script that I have translated into PHP.

The ASP code is basically a health feed that scrapes it content from an external source and processes this scrape and outputs it onto a page of a website.

The ASP version of the code is as follows:

This asp code is working and has been implemented many times.

The PHP version of the code is as follows:

This php code is not working and I am really stuck and need assistance to get it to work.

The ASP code would be added to a page called feed-page.asp which would be referenced in a HTML file in order to it to be linked to via links within that HTML page.

Here is an example of a test HTML page which I have tried to implement the PHP Version:

the span buttons in the middle of the html page are supposed to link to the relevant sections on the feed page. I have removed the links because i couldnt get them to work

can anyone help?

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