Asp-to-php conversion

Hello friends and colleagues,

i want to know how much someone will charge to convert an asp file to php. if the price is right, then i could use the help.

code: many years ago i wrote an asp quick pick lotto number generator like the quick pick lotto machines. i think that some of the code is asp specific and i don’t know exactly how to convert it. Plus, my non-matching numbers algorithm is a hack job that could use a better method.

let me know…

Send me the file and I’ll take a look. My schedule is rather tight, but depending on complexity, I may be able to squeeze in time.

Hi John,

I can help as well. Please write me an email at with more details.


okay astonecipher, i’ve zipped the files and sent them to you. i made an asp page (classic asp 1990s) with a form, which outputs a Florida lotto quick pick ticket. I now wish to convert this code to php. I don’t know how to replace the STEP command for one thing unless i just use $i - 1 or something.

let me know.

Hello Victor, you are welcome to see the files too. I’ll send a link if you wish to fiddle with it.

Hello, the file has been converted. Thank you astonecipher and Victor.
i forgot to mention that this asp file was originally a qbasic program. I learned how to program using qbasic. i still like qbasic but i have to use my windows xp on virtualbox to use qbasic. anyway, i realized that qbasic is almost exactly the same as asp in many ways. so i converted my program to asp for internet usage. I had trouble with the loop until, while wend and array dimension conversion. asp is nice because an array can have a name where php makes us use a variable with var equals array.

anyway, Thank you.

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