:(I need three arrays,One with shops, second with other instruments, and the third with the links between them. For example:

$instruments = array(array(1,“Guitar”),array(2,“Drums”));
$stores = array(array(5,“My Store”),array(10,“Your store”));
$connections = array(array(1,5),array(1,10),array(2,5));

Then, based on the variable defined in the program, for example:

Then must do this,need to find a shop where the requested instrument. First, from the first series download id instrument (for example, the guitar has id 1).
Then, from the $ connections and find all the shops where there is (that are members of the 0 and 1, respectively, shop with IDs 5 and 10)
Finally, from the $ stores, download, store names (in this example are 5 and 10).

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