Applying date parametres

Hi everybody,

I’m fairly new to Php and am creating a management system for hotel booking. I have various tables which include Profile (Customer details etc), Hotel Bookings & Staff availability.

I’m currently struggling with invoicing; I require the system to differentiate between daily bookings and weekly booking using the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ of the booking so I can assign a price based on the length of the booking.


Customer A will be charged 4 x Daily Rate if he books between Monday 1st Jan - Thursday 4th Jan
Customer B will be charged 1 x weekly Rate if he books between Monday 1st Jan and Friday 5th Jan
Customer C will be charged 1 x Weekly and 2 x Daily rates if he books between Monday 1st Jan and Tuesday 9th Jan.

Any ideas on how to tackle this would be appreciated, thanks guys!


Get the start date and end date
Calculate a date interval between these (P1D)

if you have 1 day, then you’re done.

else (you have more than one day)
count days until you are on a monday, these should be added to a “daily bookings” counter

*** repeat until you’re out of days ***
check if you have a whole week booking

if yes then add a week to the “weekly bookings” counter

if not add the last number of days to “daily bookings” counter

*** / repeat ***

then you can display the counters to the customer and multiply them up to get the right price.

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