Anyone use Xampp

Anyone use Xampp on a Mac? Been having a heck of a time.

The question is in the set up: Setting passwords and still having MySql activated afterwords, it just don’t seem to want to do it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not familiar with Xampp, or with Mac, but most of those out-of-the-box servers provide the possibility to separately start/stop its services. Can’t you start MySQL manually afterwards?

Moved to Installation board.

When I go to start it, it says it’s running. Yet, when I chk status in phpMyadmin it says it is deactivated. I’m pretty sure it is with the password since straight out of the box, before setting the passwords, it is activated.

Ah okay, so basically you haven’t configured PHPMyAdmin to use the new password? It should be in a config file in the PHPMyAdmin directory on your filesystem.

I am the user of XAMPP from last few months…
I use it on XP/Vista
But When i install XAMPP, the phpmyadmin is automatically cofigured… I just have to do is install the php and MySQL as a service…
AND after install it’s ready.
HOW ever some times, to work with XP i have to install an external software called >>>> Microsoft C++ 2005 Redistributeable

How ever… It works cool :)

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