Anyone out there who can gimme a great help to finish this?

[color=#FF0000]Hi could anyone write the script for this PHP problem? Here are the details.It’s making me nuts every time I write them but no result I see.If you are able to write it .you’re a super php coder believe me !

Write a series of scripts with the following behavior]; ?>">
Validate the username/password combination by looking up the data in a database.
if the username doesn’t exist, give error “no such user”
if the password is wrong, give error “wrong password”
after three unsuccessful attempts, tell the user “three strikes you’re out” and redirect to another page (any other page) after 5 seconds of displaying this message
if the username / password are valid,
welcome the user by their FIRST and LAST names like this:
“welcome TOM JACKSON…this is visit number 16 for you! Last time you came from ip address and this time you’re coming from ip address!”
The previous ip address is stored in the database, and the current ip address is stored in the $_SERVER variable. To connect to the database listed below, use the username “jsignalf_1920stu” and password “comp1920”.
There is a database of usernames/passwords/firstnames/lastnames/numberofvisits/ipaddresses on the signalflare server
the database is called “jsignalf_users”
the table is called “personalinfo”
the fields are “username”, “password”, “firstname”, “lastname”, “numberofvisits” and “ipaddress”
1 0
Note that “username” is the primary key (must have a unique value).
When the user successfully logs in,

  • create a session and session variable noting they are authorized
  • create a cookie storing their username, so next visit they do not have to type it in
  • increment the numberofvisits field in the database to keep track of how often this user has visited
  • update the database ip field to store the newest ip they visited from.
    None of the other pages or functionality on this site are accessible to unauthorized users (ie. users with no session). To access the site, they must login and have a session created for them.
    Give the user an interface to upload 10 files, with instructions to send both textfiles and .jpg files like this:
    1 1
    When the use presses the submit button, copy all of the uploaded files to the script directory
    There must be at least one file with a “.txt” extension, that has an email address in its text contents:
    Use a regular expression to identify the uploaded textfile file that contains an email address…remember, the user may send one jpg file and nine text files, only ONE of which needs to have an email address in it. that is how your assignment will be tested.
    The user must upload at least one file with a “.jpg” extension, or else the user will get an error message and a hyperlink to send them back to the previous page
    Once the user has uploaded at least one .txt file (with an email address) and one .jpg file, you can proceed with the script
  • Create a thumbnail of the .jpg file…keep the same shape (same ratio) but the largest side (width or height) must be 100 pixels. store this image as “assignment2.jpg” on the server
  • Send an email to the email address inside the .txt file telling them that their image has been resized. the subject line must be “assignment 2 image resized”. Also display this new image to the screen.
  • Also create a solid colored rectangular image with the email address from the text file as its caption. save this image as “email.jpg” on the server: Also display this new image to the screen.
    1 2
    Tell the user that an email has been sent.

So you are saying that you want us to code it for you?

No just do it for yourself and test it in a browser see if this works properly.and let me know then. :cry:

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