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Hi People!

I’m trying to start an Anti-spam community project. The general purpose of it is to protect and prevent spam from getting in side of users mailboxes; also I want to be able to trace an original spammer, so it can be punished in one way or in another. If things will work out I also would want to change the identification methods for POP/SMTP science I found that most of the email servers have no identification for sending mail (so you can send spam from any user account on the server, and stay undetected)

So if any of you would like to help me please email me or send a post to this treat, thanks.
Also send any ideas if you have!

tech [at]

Are you planning on writting a program, contacting any of the other organizations working with the US Congress or independantly, or just demonstrate and sign petitions? So what are your thoughts on the US CAN-SPAM Act of 2003?


In my plans, I want to design server public add-on program or standalone server that will filter the emails that falls under the description of the spam (such commercial ones are already exist)
Then if that works make ?unofficial? updates to the POP/SMTP protocols and in the way mail passed to the server (I want to add tracing marks, and improve identifications methods)
Then if that works I will propose the Idea taking executive actions against spammers.

Companies that will help:

FBI Computer Crime Division (NYC Office)

Also I will contact some companies that are doing commercial versions of this project, who knows maybe they will help

Also I will try to involve some people in gov, and big Wall St. companies?.

PS: I don?t have Business Plan for this yet so things might change.
PS2: CAN-SPAM Act is as far as I know prohibit but not punish the emailing from commercial companies that don?t have ?Remove? line in their emails.

You could add theys “security” features but you goto think what is spam, one mail to someone is spam and same mail to someone else might not be. Also the fact you can easly make or use annomous mail, just search in and you can come up with thousands. So there is only 1 way mail can be called spam or not, is how hotmail dose it, all users in address book are mail and rest are junk. If you want to do this commercialy then you could probly setup somethign where companies register there domain name for a legal buisness, all legal and proper “not spam companys” get inserted into a big database and all theys spam filters can leach of the database.

If you do manage to do this the congratulations to you, but u got a hell of alot of work ahead of you.

That is good Idea about databse of secure email…

Also I more care about SPAM that carry something like NETSKY and My.Doom

  • All otther annoing ads that you get ‘n’ number of times

virus emails should be phased out with a good updated virus scanner, and for getting rid of the peni$ enlargment advertisment emails, its going to be hard because they have a random letters and number address, but i welcome it if you manage to get rid of them annoying ad’s

About viruses: Yes, NAV2002 is taking care of them, but I still have to delete all that “cariers”…

now about other SPAM, yes thay sand the meil with some (like one line rendom numbers) And so what? Thay still nend them in quantity… so we should identify mass mailing before it gets sent …

Or here isan example that I jus got:

Receive a Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate Degree!

Please contact us @ 1-212-465-3998, day or night.

To stop us from bothering you call 1-801-757-7462 and spell the email address where you received this.

Nice Spammers, thay have a line that prevent FBI to go after them, well but why should I call tham and say I dont want it? It’s like you recive some ‘Uint’ in mail (FedEx or UPS so you can’t say I did not recive that), with letter saying "Please pay $xxx.xx for this, and if you don’t like it sand it back and write Cancel on invoice!

Oh… Ok, I got a thing that I didn’t want and now I have to spend my time and money sanding it back… (Yes I now that wouldnt happen because FTC have restricded this, but not yet restricted this type of spam)

So any way this type of Spam can be stoped by LAW, we just have to force some updates in Interstate Comerce Laws.

Also this one was mailed to:

“Cathrine Ensminger” [email protected], “Leda Hollingshead” [email protected], “Goldie Baudoin” [email protected], “Mathew Corbo” [email protected], “Elmira Pereyra” [email protected], “Marcelo Bittle” [email protected], “Astrid Behan” [email protected], “Berta Kernan” [email protected], “Elaine Mcrae” [email protected], “Joni Nazario” [email protected], “Dominic Thach” [email protected], “Leonardo Gaines” [email protected], “Whitney Ingersoll” [email protected], “Dallas Fidler” [email protected], “Rolando Bible” [email protected], “Fran Shriner” [email protected], “Lai Hinkle” [email protected], “Jacquelin Korn” [email protected], “Ingeborg Sigmon” [email protected], “Cinda Schantz” [email protected]

Hmn… {eco. a++ b++ c++ d++} with any random names like Fran Shriner, that I’m sure is not an owner of that box

Ok, I feel like it is too much for one post…

I stubled across something you might be intrested in.

that is good Idea about charging money for emails that tobe considered as spam!!!

(I’ll contact MS Exec. about coop on that)

Now… we have to be able to trak REALL sender… ant ideas?

only possible way is IP address, but ip spoofers cover that. So if your looking at a certain way, only option would be to get the route it took to get to the mail server. as it has to go though there ISP. You can only report it to there isp.

What they should do is send email though ISP and then the ISP send a reply back to the IP address if the ip is masked then the email should be set as junk and reported, else if the isp get a right reply back that it is indead the IP sending the mail, then send it with the IP. and most companys such as hotmail or yahoo to add a link at the end of the email so people can report spam easyly.

yep, they have links…

but in this way, it is involving (or should involve all, and absilutly) all isps in a world… kind of hard to do…

also, they [spammers] can use “real” IPs not just rendom… In case of ISPs involment we should use MAC and IP address that both mach…

you would need to invent pop4 (if it dont exists) and add an unmaskable id tag for the computer so it can always be pin pointed and the goverment in all countrys need a stritc law. Like you said about an anti-spam group, all goverments should put “faith” in that group to spot and sort all spam and can have legal rights to sue the person/company in question, inderpenantly from the goverment involment.

Yes, that is right… so I need tech people to do some work on protocol itself…

And the most priority is US and Russia (Two major spammer countries)

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