Amending Database

Hello, I don’t know if this has been asked before, but I looked.

Anyway, I’ll break it down. I have a clan that I’m in. I’m currently building their new site and I have coded my own login system and I have manged to pull information onto a page through the database.

Now, through the admin control panel, I wish for admins (only admins, they are the only ones to use the control panel) to edit the web pages content. However, I do not want to have 20 or so different areas on a edit page that lists a box for them to edit a pages content.

I’d like to have a drop down menu select, then it reloads the page or whichever for that information in the page. Then that information in the page can be edited using a basic WYSIWTG editor.

Does anyone know of any ways to do this?


If understand what you are asking, I would look into some CMS’s. (Content Management System’s) They are usually the best way to do something like this with out months of work writing your own.

I believe there are several free ones out there.

Yeah I know. But the whole point for me to do it myself is so I can learn PHP. Those CMS programs are something I like to avoid. They’re over used in the clanning world.

Ok, I guess I was just trying to point a easy solution. This is a huge under taking and yes there many ways of doing these sorts of things.

You are going to want to start some tutorials in PHP and javascript. The wysiwyg editor is definatly going to be a big job to take on.

I guess there is no easy way to explain to do this. You will just have to come up a with a way you want it to look on paper. Transfer the idea to code and just start plugging away. Anytime you get hung up on something, just have to do the research and if still can’t get it we are here to help.

Thanks mate.

I found a script that does this. Its called Snippet Editor or something. But it uses its own login system. Plus it has branding and all that stuff.

So I’ll start with trying to get the query to amend a database. Then select the table. I suppose I could use some sort of directory navigation system to pull the information and display a variable within the editor itself to display the code.


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