alternative to LWP(perl)module

is any functuality just like LWP::UserAgent(perl) in PHP, should connect with secure server also. or any other alternatives??

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I am not a PERL Programmer, so I don’t (didn’t) know what LWP is. So, I looked it up. As I understand it LWP (Library of WWW Perl modules), is a collection of modules (functions, etc…) to provide you with an API. Correct?

Well isn’t that, generally speaking, exactly what PHP is? An API for web pages?

Because PERL was not designed specifically for the web, PERL probably has a specific (additional) module that is required for Web Programming, however PHP is, generally, designed for the web. (Perl was designed to be for programming in general not just or mainly for the web).

Not sure I answered your question or not, but then I don’t know if I really understand your question.

I suppose it might help better if we knew exactly what it was you are trying to do.

went here to see what you were talking about

The basic approach of the library is to use HTTP style communication for all protocol schemes

I think it is something to handle an HTTP protocol. If it is you should check out cURL ( and context streams ( … create.php).

Take it with a grain of salt.

Thank you , i exected just like stream functions…

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