alternative to delete row from mysql table?

Hi, I’m working on a new site. And i can’t get my code to work properly.

I have already made a site with this script and it works just fine, but it will not work on my new site (wordpress with PHP enable).

What I need is an alternative to this code (the delete button command):


<a onclick=“return confirmSubmit()”

<?php } while ($row_persondata2 = mysql_fetch_assoc($persondata2)); ?> [/php]

What i want is a delete button that is asking “are you sure you want do delete this?” and then if i click yes it delete that row from the database. Is there an easy alternative?


You may have found the answer already but if not you could try this. Add this in your link or a button

onclick=“return confirm(‘are you aure you want to delete this?’);”

I already found the answer, but thank you anyway! :slight_smile:

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