allow_url_include is turned off

I have a site .it is html/css.I am novice about php.I wanted to download feeds from rssreader on my site. As directed by the rss site I created a file rssfeeds.php.and uploaded in my public_html directory.I edited .htaccess and added .html/.htm extensions through apache handlers.However, the feeds could not be seen on the site.The same feeds can be seen in macromedia dreamweaver when the php code is inserted in html.The rss site advised that allow_url_include is turned off on my sever site. when I contaced my ISP , they have replied that allowed_url_include is off, since it is shared hosting, for security purpose we do not allow this. You need to contact script author for alternate solution. I donot know anything about scripts and solutions.Is there a way out for people like me.I am highly thankful to all.

I can’t imagine you requiring allow_url_include to read a remote RSS feed in PHP. Is it not possible to just use fsockopen() to initiate a connection to the remote server and request the RSS feed like a normal HTTP request? I’m not sure if fsockopen() requires allow_url_fopen to be enabled, but it’s worth trying it out.

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