Ahhh V-CMS php script error driving me crazy!


New to the forum, praying I can get the help I need here as the V-CMS forums (and Stack exchange) are useless.

Everything works great but I’ve run into one error on V-CMS that is a biggy. I set all the custom upload paths to what I want them to be, I upload a dummy .txt file (in either admin or editor, both yield same end result) which (as it should) uploads to the /uploads/ directory. However, when I go and try and insert a link in a page to this file it always put in the link url/path of just the filename, it completely forgets to put in the WHOLE path including the directory the file is in.

Does anyone know what I’d need to edit to fix this? Such a strange error, I would have thought this was a major and would have been fixed by now but obviously not!

I can supply the files if needed would just like someone to point me in the right direction if possible so I can get the whole correct link url to show so there isn’t an error when a viewer tries to actually view the link.

Cheers :slight_smile: