Age old opening window


Ok so here we are again. I’m trying to open a new window which will contain a simple client to client chat.

I’m using Nuke Evolution. I’ve googled but can’t find any php scripts for a simple client chat, all I found was some chat made with flash. I don’t want a chat with chat rooms.

Right now the line looks like this:
$where = “$num.&nbsp”;

test.php contains a javascript that will open a new window but it doesn’t work.
So what should I do? Is it even worth the time making a chat function?

Thanks in advance.


Well it’s worth the time making a chat function if you need one. Only you can decide that.

I did a google search for simple php chat program … at+program and found several. But I am not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Your information about the line with code in it doesn’t really give us much information except to say that you are trying to generate a URL with php, presumably to echo out later. However, I don’t think you want the PERIOD/DOT after the $num part. Not sure if it’s a concatenate or an actual period.

Also instead of ESCAPING everything, try redoing the below:
$where = “$num.&nbsp”;

Like This:
$where = $num.’&nbsp’;

Personally I think it looks cleaner too. Just my opinion though.