After Update to 7.3 Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $aAllowedExtensions


I just updated my dads website to PHP 7.3. Before I checked all the plugins of the wordpress website for compatibility. Now the the theme seems to be not working with php 7.3
entering the websites URL it shows me the following fatal error:
Fatal error : Redefinition of parameter $aAllowedExtensions in /homepages/29/d276951806/htdocs/wp-content/themes/praxis2/options/library/admin-page-framework.min.php on line 59
I can’t login to the wordpress dashboard anymore to make theme changes.

Any clue how I could fix the problem in line 59 or do I have to downgrade to php 5.9 (which it was before) and try if it works again?

Thanks for your help. I am an absolute amateur. Sorry about that.

If you do a web search on the main part of that error message, you will find that php use’d to allow a call-time parameter name to be used more than once in a function definition. This was corrected in php7.0 The occurrence of this in code would have typically resulted due to a changing calling definition over time and lazy programmers. Since the last same-name call-time parameter value is what gets used, you would simply rename any earlier same-name call-time parameter(s) to be a different and unique name, as they are not used.

Thanks a lot. I just renamed the parameter the first time it appeared and left the second as it was and everything runs perfectly again.

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