After submitting I need to redirect to a page I created

I got my code from somewhere else and I am trying to make minimal changes for me. Everything is working properly. When someone submits the form, I need to redirect to a page I created instead of the blank page with a message. Here is my code:

$aMessages[MSG_THANKS_PAGE] = 'Thanks! We’ve received your information. '.
'Please pay for your registration at '.
‘Your registration will not be processed until we receive payment.’;

My gratitude to anyone that can help. I don’t know any PHP and I won’t be using it often enough to really learn it.

Depending on the page that the form is pointing to (I’m guessing a php script that takes care of the form input), you would put the following syntax at the bottom of that page so long as you don’t echo out anything before you use this (this includes having spaces in your script outside of the PHP tags).

[php]header(“Location: created_page.php”);[/php]

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