after a quote


ive tried my best best but am just to stuck on these big scripts
i want to implement on to my site. so i am after

a register and login script
a messages script a wall script and a notifications script.
i know it is a big job i am just after a quote. it needs to be mysqli
o pdo and a footer chat bar.

it also needs to integrate able with prochatrooms software


DJ, what is your price range?

The login plugin for Prochatrooms is only $35. It can be found here:


i got the prochatrooms i just need the rest.
no idea on price but i don’t have much.


Well, the Prochatrooms is a base system which is supposed to have most of what you need to work the site.
These “base” systems are not very costly and the add-ins cost more. But, $35 for a full login and registration
system is not bad at all. Might be worth it. Since it would be a plug-in for your already set up system, it would
need very little work to get it running. If we help, it would mean learning all the coding for the Prochatrooms
system and I would take a wild bet it would be more than $35.