Advnced PHP script for a waiting list

I hope i post this on the right place, or else i hope the admin will be helpfull to put it in the right section. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am in the process of creating a waiting list that I want to work automatically. When a new member registers for membership, the member must be on a waiting list for a while before the member gets permanent membership. When the membership is active, I want this to work so that I can delete the person who is number 1 in the list, and number 2 will be number 1. the remaining numbers in the list will automatically move a number up, such as at no. 5 will be No. 4, etc. Only the name will be displayed in the member list, but the form that the new member submits will have several fields. There are 12 fields to be filled in in the MySQL database, but only the name and surname to be displayed in the list. The position number in the waiting list must be set automatically in front of the name. Is there somebody in here on PHP Help who can help me with this script me the whole PHP script or help me on the way.

The whole point of programing help forums are to help those attempting to program. We are not here however to do your work for you. What have you tried and where are you stuck, i.e. we can only help if you have specific questions, specific problems, or specific errors. Just posting the requirements of your assignment is a good start for a Request For Quote (RFQ) to pay someone to do this, but not for asking for programming help.

My knowledge in programming is limited in most cases to what is basic. I do not want anyone to work for me, but rather help me with what he / she can do to get me started with this. Whether there is a person who can sit down one place in the world to put the same entire membership list is up to each individual of course. But then it would also have been nice if that person could take the trouble to explain to me what one yeast and what the other does etc. So what I ask for is just a cry for help. I’m completely stuck. So sorry if I stepped on someone’s toes or seemed rude. It was not meant to be seemed like that, if anyone perceived me that way.

I have not done much before it locked up. I was also so annoyed, bored and abandoned after sitting for three days and could not get any further. So in all the frustration, I erased all the crap to start over. haah … again with what. Would not go further than I was before anyway. That’s why I’m standing on bare ground with blank sheets.

So all I ask is HELP. Everything extra I take as a bonus. Gonna put together some of what I had done and post it here. It probably may not happen tonight (is night here in Norway now - 02:22)

Seems like will be a multi-part project

front end form (data/membership application)
database (maybe 2)
an admin form to control who has been approved/accepted… and who is still on the wait list.

Lets starts with the initial membership form (12 fields)


This really shouldnt take that long… (I already whipped up an example)

3 fields… (but some back-end columns for the table)

What I’m not clear about is… what happens after a user submits their membership application… (goes on the ‘wait-list’)… and then?

You load up a different app/form… that lists all the current applicants on the not-active/wait list…and?

You want to be able to select a user form this list… and 'activate; their account (taking them off the wait list) - is this correct?

@Leon, I/we are not trying to give you a hard time. However, seeing the steps needed and repoducing what you have seen, but with your data, is not programming. It’s pattern matching. This doesn’t teach the fundamentals, so it takes a very long time to accomplish anything, do anything different, and when something doesn’t work, you cannot find what’s causing the problem.

Instead, you need to learn the fundamental skills that you can then use to produce code/query(ies) that do what you want. Are you able to write and execute SELECT and INSERT queries? Can you loop over data from a SELECT query and produce html markup that includes a post method form that will submit a specific user id value? Can you detect if a post method form has been submitted, then validate the form data and use it securely in an INSERT query? These are the fundamental skills that would be needed to create this application.

Programming involves breaking a problem down into the individual steps needed to accomplish a task, then defining the Inputs, Processing, and Output/result (IPO) for each step. Once you have done this, you can design, write, test, and debug the code/query(ies) needed for each step.

In one of the other php help forums, you have been given suggestions for displaying the (numbered) waiting list and for the database tables and general processing. Did you attempt to use any of that information? Do you have questions about any of the points that were made?

  • guess it must be all sorted out then.

good luck! :slight_smile:

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