Adding to a session

After a lot of research i found out my solution to my problem, i just don’t know how to fix it. My current project is a shopping cart type project with a required login before viewing the shopping cart. I have a simple cart with a simple login script but both use a session. I just need to figure out how to combine the 2 to work together. Can anyone help me?

This is the login script session:
[php]<? ob_start(); session_start();include_once"config.php";

if(!isset($_SESSION[‘username’]) || !isset($_SESSION[‘password’])){
header(“Location: login.php”);
$user_data = “”.$_SESSION[‘username’]."";
$fetch_users_data = mysql_fetch_object(mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM members WHERE username=’”.$user_data."’"));

This is the script session for the shopping cart:
require_once ‘library/config.php’;
require_once ‘library/category-functions.php’;
require_once ‘library/product-functions.php’;
require_once ‘library/cart-functions.php’;

$_SESSION[‘shop_return_url’] = $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’];

$catId = (isset($_GET[‘c’]) && $_GET[‘c’] != ‘1’) ? $_GET[‘c’] : 0;
$pdId = (isset($_GET[‘p’]) && $_GET[‘p’] != ‘’) ? $_GET[‘p’] : 0;

require_once ‘include/header.php’;

<?php require_once 'include/top.php'; ?>
<?php require_once 'include/leftNav.php'; ?> <?php if ($pdId) { require_once 'include/productDetail.php'; } else if ($catId) { require_once 'include/productList.php'; } else { require_once 'include/categoryList.php'; } ?> [/php]

and any help is very much appreciated.

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