Adding random characters/numbers to a link


I’m searching for a way to make tens, hundreds or even thousands of unique links out of one link.
So what I thought I’d do is add #{randomness} to the end of a link. (eg.
So it will make the link address unique but will show the original page.

I know there are random number/character generator scripts out there but how can I link the original URL into it, so I wouldn’t have to manually add the random numbers, letters to the end of the link -> it would automatically give me the links with random characters & letters attached.

Any clues?

Not sure if this is what your after?
This takes a random number from 1 to 500 and changes it to a bunch of random chars* and places it on the end of the URL.
(*well there not actually random but i didn’t wanna go off topic so you get my point.)

<?php $rand = rand(1, 500); $someRandom = md5($rand); ?>

Some Link
Hope it helps :wink:

oh i forgot to add, this is what the url will look like in the address bar:


The last bit will change every time the page is refreshed. (or link clicked)


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